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This qualitative study was conducted from 01st Sep 2014 to 22nd Dec 2014 in order to prospectively explore the phenomenon ("essence of human experiences concerning a phenomenon" as described by participants in a study)25 of curricular change planned to be implemented through faculty's perspective at the Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore, using non- probability purposive sampling technique, after approval from the institutional review board and permission from the head of the institution in addition to informed consent of the participants of the study.
1984), ademas, no existe un instrumento que permita a los grupos de trabajo y a los departamentos de diseno y desarrollo curricular, administrar, coordinar y evaluar el proceso en un proyecto curricular (Departamento de Diseno Curricular (DDC) | Universidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes (UAA), 2008).
It is in such a bleak environs--where teachers are branded as contaminants of curriculum--that Critical Consciousness in Curricular Research (William-White et al.
An annotated title list links twenty-three contemporary choices along with brief author commentary and curricular tie-ins, such as studies of religion and developing nations.
Este es el caso del texto Poder y diseno curricular en la Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, obra de la doctora Victoria Elena Santillan Briceno, la cual, por anadidura, es su tesis doctoral y fue publicada por la UABC en 2013.
Pupils' personal, moral and social development and its curricular and extra-curricular provision were among the areas praised.
Inspectors have praised the quality of curricular and extra-curricular provision at Newcastle Preparatory School
CURRICULAR EVALUATION is an integral component of nursing program evaluation and provides a rigorous and systematic mechanism for assuring integrity and strengthening academic programs.
El documento de Politicas y Gestion Curricular Institucional surge en el contexto de los procesos de autoevaluacion, y la formulacion de un plan de desarrollo institucional 2011- 2016 de la Universidad El Bosque.
El objetivo del estudio fue describir las practicas del diseno o rediseno curricular en los programas academicos de pregrado de la Facultad de Salud de la Universidad del Valle.
Within the past 20 years or more, defining a differentiated curriculum was related to determining the absence and/or presence of curricular elements that were responsive to the real and perceived needs, interests, and abilities of gifted students in the core, rudimentary, basic, or regular curriculum.
He said: "It's been a while because the focus has been on Extra Curricular.