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This article describes the development and implementation of an innovative curricular evaluation design using the Standards and Criteria specified in the NLNAC Accreditation Manual (revised in 2012).
To specify the source of curricular engagement, Bowen (2005) provides a taxonomy of four sources of engagement and relates each to common pedagogical initiatives.
Shulman's (1986) description of curricular knowledge is summarized in Figure 1 in four components.
A focus on only content tested leads to curricular reduction and an emphasis on test preparation, with test performance itself seen as the educational outcome.
Professional development, on-site consulting, and implementation and evaluation support are included to assist teachers in using this information to make sound instructional and curricular decisions (e.
Determining progression and differentiation should arguably be linked to each of the curricular dimensions outlined above.
The administrative progressives, it is true, watered down classic curricular requirements as they tried to adapt schooling to the varied lives, with varied needs, for which students were headed, from factory and white collar work to college admission and the professions.
For this book, academic achievement means meeting the content standards of the school's curricular program.
In the Teachers portion of the site, educators can find curricular materials, sorted by keywords, that include a real-time air quality activity, guides to performing scientific techniques such as the Ames assay, classroom role-playing scenarios such as the Hydroville Challenge project, and staff development units.
In order to address the issue of low-achieving readers, Allington & Johnston (1986) suggest curricular congruence for students receiving remedial reading instruction in addition to their regular classroom reading instruction (Allington & Johnston, 1986).
I'll get hardly any more homework and instead I'll be playing football for Whitestone Nuneaton Girls as part of my extra- curricular activities.
Rob Edwards, extra-curricular co-ordinator at the school in the Vale of Glamorgan, said research showed the value of extra curricular activities on the development and motivation of the ``whole child''.