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This is when no ideas occur to the writer who may well sit and stair at a blank page in the typewriter or a blinking curser on the computer screen for hours, days, weeks, and longer.
With my computer topo program, I can put the curser on a spot on a map and download those coordinates into my GPS, and with this tool I identified and recorded several springs and wallows.
Click on the left-hand margin and drag the curser down over the entries.
When you have made your selection, place the curser over the symbol using the mouse and left click.
Three days and four shops later have got the right labels, I think, have to bribe youngest daughter back on to computer and she whizzes about with the curser again and says OK, now it should work.
Donoghue, professor of neuroscience at Brown University, and co-developer of a system that has allowed a paralyzed man to move a computer curser with the help of a computer chip embedded in his brain.
Additional tools can remedy this situation--the curser speed can be slowed down, and/or the curser size can be enlarged and its appearance modified by attaching a flag.