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The person who curses parliament will never be acceptable to us,' the deputy chairman ruled amid sloganeering from both sides of the aisle.
ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister (PM) Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said Friday that if a member curses the parliament, then it means he is cursing himself.
Cursed tombs were discovered in 1990 and reveal many secrets about workers who built Pyramids under the pharaohs' orders as the ongoing excavations proved that those workers are recruited Egyptian farmers rather than slaves who filled the grave with curses to protect dead from thieves.
Of course, as with many victims of curses, I was oblivious to the fact I was cursed.
Curses, golden alligators and a blood-red moon form the backdrop for Tumble Wilson (a girl) and Blue Montgomery (a boy), who are searching for their places in life.
Curses, family secrets, a girl who clings to life after disaster, and a danger that rages out of control, affecting families, destinations, and a detective's investigation, all blend into a story line that is fraught with a power struggle over a machine that can change the world.
The top five "hard curses were: sh*t, the "F" word, hell, damn and a**, while the most used "soft" curse words were: stupid, shoot, goodness, suck and crap.
Curses that are expressed as interjections and as a result of exhaustion, anger, frustration, surprise, or even happiness, and that are only for self-expression may even help the person uttering the words.
They have to work to become a team and build relationships that will enable them to break the magic curses they all live under.
Due to their significant role in ancient societies, curses have attracted the attention of scholars for a long time.
For Bjorn Quiring's Shakespeare's Curse: The Aporias of Ritual Exclusion in Early Modern Royal Drama, curses are not simply the stuff of Lear's theatrical howls or Margaret's vituperative pronouncements.
But the world is full of places, people and things believed to be blighted by ancient curses.