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After his trip to Japan in October 2016, Duterte claimed that God had told him to stop cursing or his plane would crash.
Instead, PPP's Sattar Bachani joined the PML-N lawmakers in cursing the PTI MNAs for their 'uncalled for' behaviour.
Don't give them floor as they cursed the parliament,' said Bachani and passed same disparaging remarks for those cursing the parliament.
I have a clear message for those cursing the Parliament and staging a circus at Mall Road that make an attempt to dissolve the assemblies if they have it in them I challenge them to table a no-confidence motion against me in the National Assembly," he stated.
The three Syrians were discussing business, according to records, before the trader started yelling and cursing his two countrymen and slandering them.
In the Bible, Noah punished Ham's sin by cursing his son with servitude, and over time, many people came to understand that curse to include black skin, says Goldenberg.
Ironically, swearing or cursing may also be used as a means to protect oneself by scaring and pushing people away.
The Phenomenology of Cursing in Cuneiform and Hebrew Texts.
With a new historicist methodology, Quiring interprets episodes of cursing as "ideal index fossils of a secularization overpowered by its mythic latencies" (17).
At a ceremony, held in the street in front of the Supreme Judiciary Council (SJC) in Sofia, the imams read a special prayer cursing Grozdev and dooming him and his offspring to ill fate.
THE creators of a show based on Hadrian's Wall were left cursing their luck last year when the collapse of two festivals scuppered their planned performances.
Bernard Mees (Fellow of the University of Melbourne) presents Celtic Curses, the first in-depth, scholarly assessment of early Celtic cursing, including but far from limited to the binding tablets of ancient Britain and Gaul, as well as records of early medieval Celtic stipulation and binding.

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