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Its detractors argue that cursive is an antiquated form of writing that's not necessary in the digital age.
Others say students should be able to understand documents written in cursive, such as, say, a letter from Grandma.
Some handwriting experts suggest that writing in cursive promotes faster, automatic writing and reduces the tendency to reverse letters (Amundson & Wiel, 1996), but research does not consistently indicate that writing in cursive is faster or more legible than writing in manuscript.
Advocates of cursive instruction make a cultural and cognitive argument.
Others cited pragmatic concerns, as some suggested the ability to write in cursive is necessary to sign legal documents, while others noted that memorized multiplication tables is helpful in numerous vocational settings.
One of the items was to learn to write in cursive writing.
A technology developed by French scientist Jean Lorenceau might allow people who have lost the ability to move their arms or legs to communicate by using their eyes to write in cursive.
These documents, too, are written in the developed Pahlavi cursive and have predominantly administrative character, but the ostraca tend to be very short, while the papyri are mostly fragmentary.
Someday soon, most likely within the next generation, cursive writing will have become virtually extinct.
Zaner-Bloser created this award after receiving an entry from a 5th grader named Nicholas Maxim, who submitted a noteworthy cursive entry despite the fact that he was born without hands and lower arms.
The aircraft will carry a logo which will feature the word Turkey in cursive above the airberlin script.
The most popular tattoos getting the chop include cursive writing and the names of former partners.