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Fields of Blood is a survey; certainly scholars of any region and era will find details with which to quibble, and they may believe that one important event or another is treated too cursorily. Yet as an introduction to the complex historical relationships between the world's major religious traditions and violence, it serves its purpose quite well.
Easy-going despite his dreadlocks and imposing frame, he took guard casually, glanced cursorily at the field-setting and drove the first ball bowled by Quetta Gladiators' Anwar Ali through the covers for four.
What Dryden believes sets her study apart, however, is that these earlier studies "only cursorily discuss literary influence--their discussions are largely expository and anecdotal, and are neither inter-textual nor analytical" (8).
His drunkenness and secret yearnings for his first love (Juno Temple) are cursorily handled, as if being checked off a list, while his sheer loathsomeness doesn't have time to develop.
His drunkenness and his secret yearnings for his first love ( Juno Temple) are cursorily handled, as if being checked off a list, while his sheer loathsomeness, fulsomely covered in the novel, doesn't have time to develop.
Karachi -- All seven people incriminated in a case cursorily lodged last night for assaulting an election camp of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in Karimabad area of the megacity late Friday, have been released midnight here, local media reported on Sunday.
In the second grouping are the 'tale-role papers', where Buchan took up an idea of Vladimir Propp's, which is treated somewhat cursorily in The Morphology of the Folktale, to develop an analytical tool for interrogating relations between characters in some of the classical ballads.
Chapter 6, "Hamlet and the humour of children," departs from the general method of the book by seeing Q1 Hamlet as influencing Antonio's Revenge, positing Shakespeare for once as lender rather than borrower, though it does imply that Marston in turn is responded to in Q2 (which of course encodes a rather cursorily examined assumption about the relationship between Q1 and Q2).
Such hyperbole aside, many of the non-players seemed to have been interviewed to supply a broader "voice" to the history of Jewish baseball, but they were only cursorily connected to the "legacy." Jeffrey Maier's inclusion, for instance, seems to be based on his brief fame in 1996, when as a twelve year old, he interfered with a ball that was ruled a home run during a playoff game.
The letter-writing manuals and other model letter collections are treated more cursorily (in about eighty pages) with bibliographic description and some background on the collection itself.
On the one hand those who cursorily dismiss lifestyle politics are admonished for failing to have '[a]n understanding that practices may fulfil different goals to different degrees' (p 49), but there is also a warning against the temptation to 'fetishise anti-consumption as a tactic, [and] not to conflate its satisfaction of personal fulfilment with its fulfilment of the promise of social change ...' (p 50).
I must admit that I viewed it cursorily along with the myriad of mail that was found in my mailbox.