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A cursory initial review indicates that under either proposition it does not appear that contracts with existing bondholders are in jeopardy.
Director Lee Tamahori was an unfortunate choice for director since a cursory look at his credits (``Mulholland Falls,'' ``The Edge,'' ``Along Came a Spider'') reveals a distressingly flat filmmaker lacking the grace and panache that's needed to keep Bond light on his feet.
However, a cursory check of some of the Latin citations indicates a negligence which makes the reader uneasy.
Even a cursory review of the 40-page suit shows that this legal action potentially could be worth tens of millions of dollars," said David Politis, president of Politis Communications.
Though played with Tourette charisma by Sean Harris, Curtis' seething demons are only examined in the most cursory fashion, his epilepsy presented as a mere stage affectation and his reasons for hanging himself not elucidated in the least.
Based on a recent consultation with Strathcona Mineral Services, during which archived records of the company were reviewed on a cursory basis, the company anticipates commissioning a first phase investigation of potential gold and other precious metal deposits (that had been identified in the late 1980s), which we hope to launch later this summer or early fall, finances permitting.
And, of course, there are the cursory, shallowly rendered attempts to define the claustrophobic life underwater and the caricatures of the vodka- swilling, fatalistic Roo-skies.
With the increasing sophistication of many counterfeiters, electronics distributors that only perform cursory physical inspections put their customers at risk.
We found the hiking information on the maps to be cursory and at times confusing - not the helpful detail common to publications produced by the National Park Service.
Because a video was part of the submission process, there was grousing among participants - off the record, naturally - that the series' producers were looking for someone telegenic, a complaint borne out by a cursory glimpse at the 10 finalists.
Even upon cursory examination, many of these so-called "fault-tolerant" designs are riddled with flaws and failure points.