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Shaleen Kabra, Principal Secretary (Home), issued the security advisory, saying pilgrims and tourists "may curtail their stay" and "return as soon as possible".
The situation has aggravated despite grant of 'massive funding' by international health partners to curtail HIV.
However, a combination of misuse of data in violation of FBR baggage rule law and the leaking of ID data has resulted in DIRBS not being able to curtail mobile phones being smuggled and legalised.
"Despite continuing concerns from civil rights and community-based organizations, the department has sharply curtailed its statutory role in identifying and eradicating civil rights abuses by law enforcement," the lawmakers' letter said.
The fiscal deficit has to be curtailed. The revenue sector will have to be streamlined to meet future requirements.
On the fiscal front, the government has to curtail the fiscal deficit.
'Campaigning until 24 hours prior to the day of polling is a statutory right of parties and cannot be taken away, curtailed or abridged by any executive fiat.
'This can be easily curtailed through will on part of the concerned stakeholders,' he said recommending easy loan facilities for the miners to help them import latest machinery.
It must be noted that the government did take some measures to curtail the menace of terror financing and Pakistan is said to be compliant in more than 50 per cent of the recommendations.
'The present trend could further curtail our growth prospects and choke the flow of investments emerging economies direly need to sustain their expansion,' he said.
All associations will work in collaboration to raise maximum funds and curtail expenditures.
MPs yesterday differed sharply on a motion that seeks to curtail demonstrations and picketing in cities and major towns.