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The company said its "attractive hedges and cash availability" provide it with the operational and financial flexibility to curtail production during periods of unusually low prices, such as the current market environment.
Basically, we provide incentives for customers to curtail loads so we have enough [energy] to go around for everybody in the system," says Chan.
Finnish forest industry group M-real Corporation (OMX Helsinki:MRLAV) (OMX Helsinki:MRLBV), part of Metsaliitto Group, said on Wednesday (4 June) that it will curtail its production of coated fine papers between June and August.
The good news is that the recent experience of Australia and Britain suggests that the United States may not need to drive interest rates sharply higher in order to curtail the housing boom.
Curtail, having his first run for the Lanarkshirebased handler, came from off the pace to win going away by a length and threequarters from Campbeltown.
Not content with attacking the reproductive rights of women and elevating invented fetal, embryonic, and blastocyst "rights" over those of women in the United States, the religious right and the Catholic bishops (please note that most lay Catholics are pro-choice and that some of the strongest supporters of reproductive choice in Congress are Catholic Democrats), the religious right and its myrmidons in Congress have pulled out all the stops to curtail reproductive choice in poor countries, even to the extent of hampering AIDS/HIV protection with condoms.
The two airlines have agreed to curtail the flights, in order to ease congestion and reduce delays, following a government order.
But in a statement he said: "I am deeply disappointed that I am accused of using the tragic events of September 11 in New York as an excuse to curtail spending by the club.
Perhaps the only hope here is that the skies will become so crowded, and other methods of communication, surface and electronic, will become so much more efficient that air transport will become less attractive, and that demand will gradually curtail.
The company will also curtail production at its Cook plant from Dec.