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We have closed or curtailed unprofitable capacity, repowered key assets at lower energy prices, built-up a profitable value-added casthouse network, established the foundation for a strong commercial bauxite business, and made substantial productivity improvements.
According to a top Fed official, growth of the shadow banking system in the US has been curtailed as the banking system has only grown modestly in recent years.
"Whereas, the 24" dia pipeline in the same segment remained intact and is currently in operation, but more than 700 MMCFD gas supplies from the gas sources had to be curtailed due to limited capacity of the pipeline", spokesperson stated.
In terms of operations, SouthGobi has curtailed its mining activity at Ovoot Tolgoi mine at various levels during 2Q2012 to ensure that it does not build significant unsold coal inventory and to maintain efficient levels of working capital.
crude futures fell by $1 to Wednesday, on worries demand for crude could be curtailed after the U.S.
The needless violence that has been perpetrated by gangs and tribes would have been curtailed if our troops had been worKing alongside the police force.
KAPILVASTU, April 24 -- It has been revealed that teachers' salaries were curtailed to welcome Minister of State for Industry Dan Bahadur Chaudhary during his visit in Kapilvastu district.
Chesapeake has curtailed approximately 200 million cubic feet per day of gross natural gas production and approximately 6,000 barrels per day of gross oil production for at least the month of March 2009.
For example, are you paid per kWh based on the amount of energy curtailed; if so, what determines this rate?
Dr Richard Lewis, Welsh secretary of the British Medical Association, said, "It would be extremely worrying if an LHB in Wales is considering that services to patients may have to be cut back or curtailed at such an early stage in the financial year.
* Those that have curtailed file sharing with applications that limit or restrict bandwidth access
Production at the newsprint plant will be curtailed by 13,000 tonnes, affecting 600 jobs.