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Irrespective of the type of program in which you enroll, you should always ask whether you'll be issued a penalty fee for not curtailing load when contacted.
There is also no indication," he adds, "that Philip Morris is curtailing its massive spending on political contributions that have been used to resist reasonable government action designed to reduce tobacco use and the harm caused by smoking, or that its, parent, Altria, is curtailing its multimillion dollar advertising campaign to convince the American public that it is a responsible corporate citizen.
On March 17, Alcoa announced it was curtailing 443,000 mt/y of alumina refining capacity at the Suralco bauxite mining and refining operations in Suriname.
The report says that curtailing this tax loss will therefore greatly contribute to revenues available for poverty alleviation and sustainable growth in poorer countries.
There are many NYSERDA- and NY ISO-sponsored load curtailment programs which essentially allow you to generate revenue based on the amount of energy you are capable of curtailing.
Bishop Gustavo Giron Higuita of Tumaco said the assassination was aimed at curtailing church human rights work reports Catholic Trends.
Alcoa announced in late March it is curtailing 147,000 mt/y of smelting capacity at its Sao Luis (Alumar) and Popos de Caldas smelters in Brazil due to challenging global market conditions in primary aluminum and increased costs that have made the smelters uncompetitive.