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Alcoa's announcement of its production curtailments in the United States followed by about a month earlier an announcement that it is pursuing plans to separate into two independent, publicly traded companies (E&MJ, November 2015, p.
There was never an opportune time to refill gas storage, resulting in a higher probability of curtailment.
In January 2012 the company announced the closure of 531,000 metric tons of smelting capacity, of which 291,000 represented the permanent closure of capacity in Tennessee and Texas and 240,000 metric tons represented curtailments in Portovesme, Italy and La Coruna and Aviles, Spain.
In certain times when markets are weak, announced cutbacks and curtailments may be used to augment these data to indicate prospective market supply.
Of 21 curtailments, we identified 10 arising from disposal of lines of business.
Once all of its announced curtailments and closures are complete, Alcoa will have approximately 800,000 mt, or 21%, of its smelting capacity off line.
Swedish wood products group Rorvik Timber AB (OMX Stockholm:RTIM B) announced on Wednesday (18 February) that it has decided to carry out new production curtailments.
The La Coruna and Aviles curtailments are planned to be partial and temporary.