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He consents without a murmur, all join in a joyful chorus, and the curtain falls upon the lovers kneeling to receive Don Pedro's blessing in attitudes of the most romantic grace.
The curtain, which had risen at the close of the scene with Albert, again fell, and a rap was heard at the door.
A harsh, thin cackle behind the curtains put the hillman on his mettle for a second shot.
Without the recess are curtains of an exceedingly rich crimson silk, fringed with a deep network of gold, and lined with silver tissue, which is the material of the exterior blind.
Moreover, heavy curtains were drawn across the windows.
There," he whispered, nodding his head towards the curtain.
In the dim shadow of the curtain her luminous eyes shone more brightly than usual from the tears of joy that were in them.
Even when he had shut the door he said nothing, but went straight to the window and parted the curtains.
From then, until the curtain went up for the next act, he had only to sit still and listen.
The loud chorus which had heralded the upraising of the curtain died away.
To keep silent before the curtain went up was no hardship for him.
Some faint attempts she had made with blue ribbon, to freshen the appearance of a dingy curtain, she now saw to be piteous.