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And the audience, on the other side of the curtain, was edified and delighted.
Michael was taken off stage thoroughly throttled by one of the stage-hands, and the curtain arose on the full set--full, save for the one empty chair.
He consents without a murmur, all join in a joyful chorus, and the curtain falls upon the lovers kneeling to receive Don Pedro's blessing in attitudes of the most romantic grace.
He entered swiftly but without noise and found himself in the dark part of the saloon, the strong sheen of the lamp on the other side of the curtains visible only above the rod on which they ran.
A harsh, thin cackle behind the curtains put the hillman on his mettle for a second shot.
I looked stupidly at the heavy curtain which had shut the light from the window.
he cried, excitedly, drawing the window curtain to one side.
That is for your impudence in answering mama awhile since," said he, "and for your sneaking way of getting behind curtains, and for the look you had in your eyes two minutes since, you rat
Just then the lamp again flickered; the noise startled Madame de Villefort, who shuddered and dropped the curtain.
Then, seeing that nothing happened, and that the light and all outside the tower remained the same, he softly pulled the curtain over the window.
He drew the curtain instantly, and she made no attempt to stop him.
She timidly put her hand through the curtains, and took Miss Letitia's hand.