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Fayad said during drawing the curtain off a mural called "prisoners of
Original members Horace Panter and Roddy Byers were cheered by fans as they tore the chequered curtain off the first plate at the Canal Basin yesterday.
These earlier works walk the line of kitsch, which Milan Kundera famously defined as "a folding screen set up to curtain off death," as Kozul bedazzles the instruments that forestall the realities of shit and death.
I could actually see the Moon moving through space as it peeled a curtain off the ringed planet.
SALEM - For the first time in years, an Oregon governor was able Monday to pull the curtain off a spending proposal that didn't cut, but called for big spending increases for education, highway patrols and health care for the uninsured.
We had to curtain off the area and wear masks and goggles to spray-paint the walls, but it was worth it," she says.