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They are curtained within the recess, by a thick silver tissue adapted to the shape of the window, and hanging loosely in small volumes.
He was called before the curtain, and with great propriety appeared, leading Hagar, whose singing was considered more wonderful than all the rest of the performance put together.
He entered swiftly but without noise and found himself in the dark part of the saloon, the strong sheen of the lamp on the other side of the curtains visible only above the rod on which they ran.
The patterns on the gold-worked curtains ran up and down, melting and reforming as the folds shook and quivered to the night wind; and when the talk grew more earnest the jewelled forefinger snapped out little sparks of light between the embroideries.
"Hullo!" he cried, excitedly, drawing the window curtain to one side.
"What were you doing behind the curtain?" he asked.
Then, seeing that nothing happened, and that the light and all outside the tower remained the same, he softly pulled the curtain over the window.
"You've gone too far." His hand remained upon the curtain. "Why don't you admit, Katharine," he broke out, looking at her with an expression of contempt as well as of anger, "that you love him?
And the audience, on the other side of the curtain, was edified and delighted.
He heard a rustle behind him and a shadow appeared under the curtain of the cot.
And with this, and a profound bow to his patrons, the Manager retires, and the curtain rises.
Yes, I perceived that a corner of the curtain in your window had been looped up and fastened to the cornice as I had suggested should be done; and it seemed to me that your dear face was glimmering at the window, and that you were looking at me from out of the darkness of your room, and that you were thinking of me.