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Curtly Ambrose played for which national cricket team?
Curtly Ambrose wasn't the friendly, fun-loving Caribbean player that the IPL has showcased to Indian fans.
She told me later She thought it was a sales call and said quite curtly "No, I don't want whatever it is you are selling, goodbye"and slammed the phone down.
Johannesburg, Feb 27 ( ANI ): West Indies cricket legends Andy Roberts, Curtly Ambrose and Richie Richardson have reportedly been selected for knighthood and will be presented the honours during the lunch break of the first ODI between England and West Indies in Antigua.
BIRTHDAYS: Shirley Conran, writer, 81; Leonard Cohen, singer/poet, 79; Stephen King, novelist, pictured, 66; Charles Clarke, politician, 63; Bill Murray, actor, 63; Simon Mayo, broadcaster, 55; Rob Morrow, actor, 51; Curtly Ambrose, former cricketer, 50; Faith Hill, singer, 46; Luke Wilson, actor, 42; Liam Gallagher, rock musician, 41.
Lashings World XI, made up of a number of high-profile former stars including Phil Defreitas, Curtly Ambrose, Graeme Hick and Richie Richardson, was billed to play the Coventry West Indian Wanderers on Sunday at Copsewood Sports and Social Club.
However, the subject is far too complex to be dealt with as curtly as Mr Davies did.
I then went and was curtly told: "Oh, you cannot walk in here asking for emergency treatment.
One once told me how Boris Becker had entered the cabin and demanded curtly that the steward ensure he would not be bothered by any member of the public.
The Texan billionaire, who has bankrolled West Indies cricket with millions of dollars in recent years, yesterday disbanded the Stanford Twenty20 Board and terminated the contracts of his legends, which include Sir Viv Richards, Curtly Ambrose and Courtney Walsh.
The driver seemed unconcerned, disclaimed responsibility quite curtly and couldn't get rid of us fast enough.
And if you're christened Curtly Elconn Lynwall Ambrose you'd damn well better grow up to be a 6ft 7in fast bowler capable of ripping the heart out of an opposition batting line-up in a single devastating spell.