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They need to be able to identify the crisp articulation that creates the perception of rudeness or curtness.
At no time during my stay did I experience sharpness or the curtness which is often brought about by exhaustion even when nurses were forced to change a bed sometimes three or four times in the one spell of duty.
Thus the very curtness that we hear as a threat can be heard by the characters onstage as a sign of extreme sensitivity to the emotions of others.
The curtness of a response such as `unconvincing argument', for example, implies a double standard--we require students to provide logical grounding for their claims, but we do not do the same.
You object that this curtness is either a result of family intimacy or accepted casual telephone protocol.
Poe parodies the curtness that this device entails in his satirical piece "How to Write a Blackwood Article": "there is the tone laconic, or curt, which has lately come much into use.
The concluding chapter is again brief to the point of curtness, leaving expectations of a fuller analysis unsatisfied.
It's all too easy for frustration to come across as rudeness or curtness.
Compared to the soloist's melodiously flowing delivery, occasionally the orchestra "treads" with an almost Prussian-like military curtness and mechanical metronomicity in nearly rectangular-aligned notes.
Subsequent events have borne out the judgement of Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias in appointing Alan Pardew, but there was a curtness about the sacking that hinted at a possible lack of regard for the job performed by a man who first joined the club as a defensive coach.
In one afternoon I was treated with curtness bordering on rudeness by staff in G.