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He did not dare intervene now until one of the Wieroo had overcome the other, lest the two should turn upon him at once, when the chances were fair that he would be defeated in so unequal a battle as the curved blade of the red Wieroo would render it, and so he waited, watching the white-robed figure slowly choking the life from him of the red robe.
Leaping into the room he ran for the Wieroo, who had already seized the girl, and as he ran, he stooped and picked up the curved blade.
When they reach a point where the entire robe is of yellow, they discard it for a white robe with a red slash; and when one wins a complete red robe, he carries such a long, curved knife as you have in your hand; after that comes the blue slash on a white robe, and then, I suppose, an all blue robe.
He had dropped the curved blade beneath the hides when he had been jerked so violently from their fancied security.
Add the gun's size (or lack thereof) and curved frame and its easy-to-hide-self-defense mission becomes clear.
UKPRwire, Fri Jun 05 2015] According to a recent market research report published by Transparency Market Research, the enhanced features offered by LED televisions are expected to boost the global curved televisions market.
Catgut chronic with needle 1/0 on curved round bodied needle
htm) Samsung curved TV features an uncommon curve that promises to change people's television watching experience.
Use a slash-and-spread method to add width to a pattern piece, using the long curved edge to draw the new cutting line at the outer edge (2).
KYTC developed a list of the 10 curved ramps that had the highest number of single-vehicle crashes over a recent 3-year period.
The corners are like curved curbs" on both the outside and inside, explained Concrete Alliance, Inc.
The subjects chosen for this study consisted of 20 college-aged female and 16 college-aged male sprinters who could sprint the 100-meter dash in less than 14 seconds and who had experience sprinting the curved portion of the track.