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Between the children residing in different types of neighbourhoods, after factoring in localized weather patterns, a recurring observation was that in all weather patterns, children residing in fractured grid-pattern neighbourhoods accumulated significantly lower MVPA (Table 5) and higher SB (Table 6) in comparison with children residing in grid-pattern and curvilinear pattern neighbourhoods.
Curvilinear rock art is found at 38 sites and encompasses a variety of geometric, zoomorphic and anthropomorphic designs.
The sensors can operate in a curved position to detect curvilinear measurements at a minimum radius of 200 mm.
Lagrange 1-forms of the 2nd order and their primitives as curvilinear integrals.
With their red brick exteriors, the six individual schools serve as a reminder of Lawrence's old mills, while an enclosed, curvilinear spine clad in zinc represents the Merrimack River, which flows through the city.
Strategically located at TECOM Site-C, Dubai's Technology and Media Free Zone, the AED 1 billion, 37-storey i-Rise is poised to become a popular landmark due to its unique curvilinear design.
Strategically located at TECOM Site-C, Dubai's technology and media free zone, i-Rise is poised to become a popular landmark due to its unique curvilinear design.
The designs pay tribute to Frette's heritage in their weathered the patterns, curvilinear floral motifs and vivid colors.
The SSD-Alpha10 processor is well suited for EUS-guided FNA with Olympus's curvilinear echoendoscopes.
Specifically, the polls show that the relation between education and the desire to migrate is curvilinear rather than linear, at least in Latin America and Africa.
Spaces are conceived as curvilinear membranes pulled into shape between two more solid surfaces.
Improved operator comfort with more floor space and overall legroom, as well as a larger entry step, and a curvilinear overhead guard.