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BEING able to start with Romelu Lukaku at Leicester will have been a big boost for Martinez and will have helped to cushion the blow of losing Barkley to injury.
It is the second time since November that the central bank has lowered borrowing costs to cushion the blow of political turmoil.
The government said in July that it had $150b in foreign currency reserves to help cushion the blow of the sanctions.
The Government is concerned about this situation and within the scope of its powers it is taking measures by creating new jobs and implementing a social program to cushion the blow on the standard of living," Stavreski said.
At the same time, as if to cushion the blow, Apple said its new Mountain Lion OS will ship today and that the next version of its mobile operating system, iOS 6, will arrive in the fall.
The council is being forced to implement this, we are trying to cushion the blow but we can't go on doing it.
The automaker is taking this step in order to cushion the blow of decreasing demand in its domestic market.
The ICB last month revealed a raft of recommendations including ring-fencing banks' high street divisions to protect them from riskier investment arms and setting aside more cash to cushion the blow of potential losses or future financial crises.
Head of research at CCS Insight, Ben Wood, said: "Restructuring had been widely expected but Nokia will be hoping that the transfer of 3,000 jobs to Accenture will help cushion the blow as it ramps down its Symbian investments.
Goldman denied SEC charges but will likely settle the case to cushion the blow on its already shaken reputation.
State help for people struggling to pay the mortgage after losing their job has been extended in a bid to cushion the blow of the recession, the Government announced today.
A total of 650 independents operate in Ireland and, unlike larger firms that have the padding to cushion the blow, they cannot spread their costs over a number of shops.