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Furthermore, they last up to 100 miles longer than cushioned shoes.
Cushioned running shoes have a curved or semi-curved last.
A post-injury return to running, then, might look something like this: A move toward greater stability and so into a stability shoe and away from the less stable cushioned shoe; followed by an over-the-counter orthotic if necessary; followed by a stability shoe with a custom orthotic if necessary; and only then a move to a motion control shoe.
The consequences of cushioned running shoes ought to be made explicit to patients: a destabilized gait and a weakened intrinsic foot musculature.
Runners should be made aware that orthotics are never to be worn with cushioned shoes.
Foamex also intends to bolster its profile within the furniture industry by using marketing initiatives directed at retailers and consumers on the benefits of using a REFLEX cushioned furniture product.