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Once the opportunity was identified, the inventors worked hard on the manufacturing process for Bubble Wrap cushioning in an effort to create an ideal packaging material.
For years, the biggest problem facing the industry has been the cushioning in upholstery," George says.
Similar cushioning performance was achieved even though slightly more than 11% of the foam cushion volume had been removed.
A typical J-curve plots cushioning efficiency, J, as a function of impact energy density, U.
The inventors quickly realized it was actually a superior cushioning material, and Sealed Air is now a global, Fortune 500 company that offers a wide range of packaging solutions, has operations in 51 countries and has annual sales in excess of $4 billion.
Patrick Nachtsheim, 12, Shawnee, Kansas - "The Safe Firecracker" - Device that twists and pops Bubble Wrap([R]) cushioning with a crank handle to create a firecracker sound effect.
These provide complete stability with virtually no cushioning, controlling the extreme pronator.
Set up your very own cushioned racetrack using Bubble Wrap(R) cushioning so your children can have a popping good time while riding their tricycles.
However, the inventors quickly realized that it was in fact a superior cushioning material and founded Sealed Air, which today offers a wide range of packaging solutions and has global sales of approximately $3.
Foamex's Reflex HR(TM) cushioning allows manufacturers to upgrade from traditional polyurethane foam to higher levels of comfort and performance without impacting material costs.
A significant portion of the new VPF capacity at Cornelius, which is near Charlotte, will be dedicated to production of the company's Reflex(R) line, a family of advanced furniture cushioning products that provide specialized support for upholstered furniture.
Foamex, headquartered in Linwood Pennsylvania, is the world's leading producer of comfort cushioning for bedding, furniture, carpet cushion and automotive markets.