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Alternatively there are expensive and difficult to set up manually-adjustable versions, where getting the correct set up needs careful and time-consuming cylinder cushioning adjustment, dependant on the speed of operation and the mass to be stopped.
A stability shoe represents the middle category and offers a desirable combination of cushioning and motion control.
Since cushioning is not as important as alignment in providing comfort and decreasing injury risk, the vast majority of distance-running patients would most benefit from a stability shoe, the middle category that offers a combination of cushioning and motion control.
According to JSO, Basotect's density of less than 10 kg/[m.sup.3] means that "Soly't cushioning can be made 50% lighter--70% for special comfort products--than that made from standard foams." Thus, adds the company, a kilogram "can be saved for each economy-class seat and up to four kilos for business-class and first-class seats"--which would result in a reduction of 600 kg for a 555-seat Airbus A380.
Through the alliance, Domain will offer Reflex Polymer Cushioning products in all of its upholstered furniture.
Cushioning ability under specified conditions tends to deteriorate with the number of impacts as the cell walls yield and eventually rapture (5) with increasing impacts.
Proper performance data ease the task of specifying cushioning materials
This is the key to maintaining healthy skin, and no amount of special seating or cushioning will take away the need to regularly get the weight off the seated area.