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The man sensed a plot by his ex-wife to continue the custodianship of the children, so he resigned his job and returned to his homeland.
They said the government has no right to interfere in imposing custodianship and restricting mosques and ma'atams, especially when it is governed by a religious authority.
During the course of its 13-year custodianship of the portfolio, Regional Aircraft has secured more than 1,400 portfolio transactions, worth in excess of $2.
Yet even with Donaldson's careful custodianship of the Wall Street status quo, members of Congress, the Bush Administration, and organizations such as the U.
for clearing services and custodianship of client assets.
Going forward, however, AEP believes that the value of these businesses may be optimized under the custodianship of an owner with a global presence in their area of specialty or a larger regional player with a wide range of synergistic product offerings.
Anne objected, because North Carolina had replaced the UGMA with the Uniform Transfer to Minors Act in 1987, which provides that a custodianship terminates when a beneficiary turns 21, not 18.
Among the few individual contributions that left an indelible impression I'd cite Lima-born Fernando Bryce's extraordinary compendium of 543 Chinaink drawings, which collects into a visual atlas of the life of the Peruvian nation over seven decades, and Berlin-based Tino Seghal's dancing museum guards, who cleverly transform passive custodianship into active artwork.
To be sure, Henry VIII proved correct in his suspicions of the antimonarchical implications of every man's custodianship of his own soul.
We must deny the UN further custodianship of children by withdrawing our sovereign nation from the world body's corrosive influence.
Great credit for preserving Balanchine's enduring legacy must go to the school he inaugurated, New York's School of American Ballet; to the company he founded with Lincoln Kirstein, New York City Ballet; and to the devoted husbandry of his well-picked successor, Peter Martins, whose Danish/Bournonville beginnings doubtless taught him something about custodianship.