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1 was included in the Charter and elaborate on the conceptions independent and autonomous state as described in international public law literature and customaries, explaining also how little difference there is today between these two conceptions.
He looks in detail at the customaries of Fleury in the Loire valley, and at Christ Church in Canterbury, which itself came under the influence of Fleury in the tenth century.
positive percentages represent customaries greater than prevailings and negative percentages, the reverse.
For NON-PAR physicians, the mean shows customaries 4 percent greater than prevailings, but only 1 percent less for their services.
Four customaries that describe the daily life and liturgy at the abbey of Cluny over nearly 100 years beginning at the end of the 10th century comprise both the sources and the object of these 14 studies by European and North American historians.
By providing a Latin edition and English translation of AElfric's letter, along with an extensive critical apparatus, Jones has made accessible one of the earliest complete English monastic customaries.
39) Indeed, the first papal confirmation of a Cistercian Charter of Charity was only by Alexander III, dating to 1163 or 1165, and may parallel demands by this pope that all reform religious groups present him with such written customaries.