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Equipment Presumptively Non-medical - Equipment which is primarily and customarily used for non-medical purpose may not be considered medical equipment.
67(e)(1)'s second requirement was to limit its applicability to "trust-related administrative expenses that are unique to the administration of a trust and not customarily incurred outside of trusts:' The court cited trustee, fiduciary return preparation and judicial accounting preparation fees as examples of unique expenses that would meet the Sec.
The services T provides to the tenants are not customarily provided to tenants of rental apartment properties in the metropolitan areas of R's properties.
SBI, which has customarily delivered its bingo games, game shows and communications products to television viewers via satellite, is positioning itself to expand its communication and entertainment presence on the Internet, said President and Chief Executive Ron Foster.
A one-woman blowtorch, Zollar managed to scorch the stage with text alone, unaccompanied by her customarily steamy movement.
This method also enables a performer to play notes of much lower pitch than those customarily played on a violin.
There are numerous factors that could cause results to differ and the Company's current expectations are subject to all of the uncertainties and risks customarily associated with developing business ventures.
Defense attorneys have already tried to tighten the somewhat loose definition of "occurrence" that is so essential to the outcome of the case, arguing in the suit's opening statements that the ambiguous terminology in the policy documents which define an occurrence have been customarily interpreted by the insurance industry to have an aggregate meaning.
Under the Mellon rationale (that fees not customarily incurred in a nonfiduciary capacity are excluded from the 2% rule), a court could find that even investment management fees charged by a trustee are subject to the 2% rule.
By court rule, election to the position of presiding judge is for one year, but is customarily extended for a second.
On the ground, physicists customarily detect these showers by spreading large areas of particle-detecting material.
Customarily, realtors spend between $40 and $60 plus to send just 300 to 500 paper advertisements to their immediate areas.