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In addition to analyzing those costs, the regulations provide that costs incurred in defense of a claim against the estate, the decedent, or the nongrantor trust that are unrelated to the existence, validity, or administration of the estate or trust are considered costs incurred commonly or customarily by individuals and therefore subject to the 2% floor [Treasury Regulations section 1.
nd 2% is customarily added for each subsequent 30-day period.
181), according to the final regulations, a cost is subject to the 2% floor "to the extent that it is included in the definition of miscellaneous itemized deductions under IRC section 67(b), and commonly or customarily would be incurred by a hypothetical individual holding the same property.
The project includes all common phases of construction customarily associated with this type of project.
The Knights field a 15-player roster and customarily make five-for-five player substitutions.
Although it is clear that all the legal details customarily negotiated by the attorneys need not be resolved in order for the broker to be entitled to commissions, it remains unsettled as to what particular business terms must be agreed upon before a broker earns a commission for bringing the parties together.
67(e)(1)'s second requirement to refer only to expenses unique to trust or estate administration and not customarily incurred outside of that context, the court concluded that the investment advisory and management fees the taxpayer paid were commonly incurred outside of the trust context and, thus, subject to the 2% floor.
Her plan is to institute a lively arts center in a locale that has customarily remained bereft of theatrical activity.
The variety of homosexuality customarily practiced in Renaissance Florence was thus non - exclusive pederasty.
Researchers customarily put holes in the ears of laboratory mice to identify them.