customary action

See: habit
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Vinson was placed on paid administrative leave, a customary action for any police officer involved in a shooting.
The topic of evidence-based practice versus customary actions is currently being dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
Marcus Sedgwick can be relied upon for bringing high quality to scariness but to my mind he excels even his own high standards with the totally gripping Midwinterblood(11) which is terrifyingly and wonderfully written telling of long neglected reasons for ancient forceful beliefs held, and reiterated by customary actions, by people of a remote island.
Five key areas of business are covered, from accounting and banking to finance, marketing and management: each include entries covering definitions, business examples from the real world, customary actions and business standards, and a reference for further reading.
However clear and effective the rituals of death were, individual circumstances could constrict the full range of behavior, limit the benefits to be gained from customary actions, and alter the emphasis on various stages of the ritual.