customary course

References in classic literature ?
However, he steamed in and out of his little back Dock according as he was wanted or not wanted in the Patriarchal presence, and business had gone on in its customary course.
Further, we believe some of our investors track our "core operating performance" as a means of evaluating our performance in the ordinary, ongoing, and customary course of our operations.
He criticized his fellow justices for looking ''the other way as yet another federal district judge casts aside state laws,'' rather than following the customary course of leaving those laws in place until the court answers an important constitutional question.
Never at any time could he be described as mundane or ordinary, and throughout his distinguished career it was always wise for his caddy to include a national survey map with the customary course guide and yardage marker as some of the unchartered territory Seve managed to find could only be located by grid reference.
But sooner rather than later if the dreaded vote of confidence is not to take its customary course, Hughes needs to come up with evidence that he is not just a hod-carrier of a boss, one adept at the donkey work required at clubs with limited resources.
JDSU believes its "core operating performance" represents JDSU's performance in the ordinary, ongoing and customary course of its operations.