customary procedure

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'And in fact we had, as is the customary procedure, we had sent the Cabinet paper for comments to all the relevant agencies.
There is also no space on the response form, or any customary procedure, for writing the expected total financial cost to TPF of the option."
Zata, director of the Naval Public Affairs Office, said a customary procedure was conducted upon BRP Tarlac's entry into Russian waters at 1 p.m.
It is a customary procedure for police to obtain testimonies at home or office addresses.
According to a spokesman for the company, the customary procedure includes the following:
However, UNFICYP spokesman Bonnardeaux yesterday told the Cyprus Mail that the UN had received no warning from the police that they would be entering the buffer zone, as is the customary procedure.
"25 cows is the maximum charge for paying the bride price in Nuer traditional customary laws if one fell in love with someone's daughter, he must comply with customary procedure," said Dak.
But the customary procedure vis-Aa-vis the relationships between the state and central government should have been considered," said Khanduri.
The court referred the case of Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, also known as Hammam El-Kamouny, to the Grand Mufti to ratify his execution in a customary procedure.
Scales pointed out that the union did not release a "bill of particulars," a customary procedure for listing grievances before a no-confidence vote.
While the Parliament's opinion is only consultative with regard to the creation of the EEAS, it will, on the other hand, have its say on the budget to be proposed by the HR and approved according to the customary procedure.
Alinghi has decided on Ras Al Khaimah to stage the 33rd America's Cup without observing the customary procedure of obtaining BMW Oracle's consent.