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Further checks have since proved that the crates were never imported into Cyprus, while the 25 customs documents were forged.
The TECRO/AIT Carnet and ATA Carnet are international customs documents, "Merchandise Passports" for temporary, dutyfree entry.
Each container that ships needs the correct customs documents as it arrives in port for the containers to be unloaded.
We prepare customs documents and sign on behalf of the agency.
com/us and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, FedEx Global Trade Manager gives customers access to customs documents and regulatory advisories for more than 200 countries, allowing customers to look up import and export requirements for each country based on shipment and commodity information.
Faced with new government requirements for reporting customs documents, RMI developed a new service, Automated Manifest System (AMS), to improve reporting to US and Canadian Customs agencies, thereby expediting the traffic crossing at borders.
In addition, they can reduce time spent completing customs documents, reviewing regulations, and gathering bids.
Full landed cost calculations such as duties, taxes and VATs, and electronic filing of customs documents will all be featured.
Instructions/Remarks: Tenderers Attention Is Drawn To: Eligibility Criteria At Part-B, 2 Tenderers Special Attention Is Drawn To: Special Condition At Part-C, 3 In Case Items Are To Be Imported, Supply Should Be Accompanied With Relevant Import Customs Documents To Verify The Genuineness Of The Item.
CAFES also offers cross-border Internet mail capabilities, which adds a new freedom to the generating and transmitting of Customs documents, as well as capabilities for electronic notifications and record keeping.
After orders have been placed and deliveries are required, WorldTrans will move the freight from the supplier's factory directly to the customer's dock, handling shipping and customs documents, ocean or airfreight, and overland delivery all the way to Mexico if required.

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