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Instructions/Remarks: 1 Tenderers Attention Is Drawn To: Eligibility Criteria At Part-B, 2 Tenderers Special Attention Is Drawn To: Special Condition At Part-C, 3 In Case Items Are To Be Imported, Supply Should Be Accompanied With Relevant Import Customs Documents To Verify The Genuineness Of The Item.
In another raid, he said the team of Customs Intelligence seized 148 smuggled gas cylinders from a godown located in SITE area Karachi for which no customs documents for payment of duty and taxes were provided by the owners during questioning.
These include tariff liberalisation, liberalising trade, trade remedies, expediting cooperation, the rules of origin, disputes settlement, and customs documents.
The World Trade Organisation (WTO) covenant aims at facilitating temporary admission by simplifying and harmonising procedures through the adoption of standardised model papers as international customs documents with international security, thereby contributing to the development of international trade with Bahrain.
Last month both countries had agreed to officially launch Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system by March 2015 aimed at sharing customs documents between customs officials of the two countries.
At the same time, the parties confirm that they strive to unify and simplify customs documents.
It reduces transport costs by minimising formalities and delays through the use of standardised inspection methods, and international customs documents known as Carnets, which are issued on behalf of the International Road Transport Union (IRU).
The PTI activists were checking customs documents listing the goods being transported to Afghanistan and only those containers were being allowed to enter Afghanistan which carried goods other than supplies for NATO troops.
Macedonian products have taken a bigger share of the Kosovo market supplanting those from Serbia when the Kosovo authorities introduced last year a 2-month embargo on Serbian products as a counter-measure to Serbia's refusal to recognize Kosovo's customs documents.
Furthermore, Taiwan jumped 16 positions on frequency with which shipments reach consignee within schedule backed by improved lead time for import and export, amount of customs documents as well as time for customs clearance.
The paper folds had $700 thousand and were brought into the country without properly filled in customs documents.
I asked him for his autograph and he agreed but, apart from my customs documents, all I had was a cheque book.

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