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He had directed customs examiners and concerned personnel to closely monitor the entry of imported shipment and collect the needed customs duties and tariffs due to the government.
"The customs duties will come into effect on September 24 and will reach 10 percent by the end of the year," Trump said in a statement distributed by the White House.
"The value of taxes and customs duties exempted under the European and Turkish partnership agreements and Agadir has approached the value of EGP 5bn," stated the ministry.
The auditors have published a Background Paper on the collection of VAT and customs duties on e-commerce as a source of information for those
As per the issued on Monday, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and 1LINK signed an agreement to initiate a mechanism with the aim to facilitate the people and providing them assistance in paying the taxes and customs duties and the system will be operational by the end of 2017.
Customs duties will be levied on such goods upon importation into other countries (including the GCC countries and GAFTA members), depending on the customs regulations of the specific destination country.
BEIRUT: Industry Minister Hussein Hajj Hasan said Thursday he was planning to gradually impose Customs duties on certain imported commodities in order to protect the Lebanese industrial sector.
670 million in customs duties on the telecom equipment imported last year.
RIYADH: ARAB NEWSA recently released study has proposed three stages to abolish customs duties on gold works between the GCC countries in a bid to remove obstacles facing the gold and jewelry industry and protect the national products in these countries.
Zaman - The free trade agreement (FTA) between Turkey and South Korea, signed last year, has come into effect as of May 1, paving the way for increased trade and closer business ties based on the two countries' historic friendship.From May 1, when trading between each other, South Korea removed 80 percent of its customs duties while Turkey removed 65 percent, meaning that 93 percent of Turkey's exports of industrial goods to South Korea will benefit from zero customs' duties.
Also, exemption of additional customs duties for specified parts of electric and hybrid vehicles has been extended by two more years.
It underlined that the ARC have to pay the customs duties and other legal returns on its sales of petroleum products at the international prices.

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