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this regards to seized mechanical equipment imported from Singapore. it has been over three weeks yet customs did not issue a seizure notice and have not given any reason for the seizure. pl inform within what time frame customs must issue a seizure notice?. How can we make an appeal against customs decision.


You should have rec'd a notice immediately; do you have a customs broker--that broker could check the status...
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The Culture Ministry said in a statement that the Customs seizure had allowed for an investigation to trace the antiquities and also unmask a smuggling ring operated between Egypt and Britain, but using France as a transit destination.
It is very important to note that customs seizure is only a temporary measure to hold the shipment and it needs to be followed by a court order.
Thus, this revision will also considerably streamline the customs seizure process.
Jin was said to be secretly working for Sun Kaisens, a Chinese company that developed telecommunications technology for the Chinese military, at the time of the customs seizure of the documents.
616, 634-35 (1886) (characterizing customs seizure as "quasi-criminal").
It subsequently emerged it had been stopped at the border in a customs seizure that prompted one of the biggest scandals in sporting history and besmirched a generation of cyclists.
Mr MacDonnell said, 'Behind every tax credit delivered, Customs seizure, person re-skilled and put into work is a team of front-line and back-line staff making it happen.
The snakes, brought to London Zoo as part of a Customs seizure from Egypt, were originally thought to be the spitting cobra Naja pallida.
A grisly exhibition of wildlife souvenirs greeted airport visitors yesterday after customs seizure figures showed that almost 8,000 wildlife items were confiscated in the UK last year.
A lorry driver from the Republic has been charged over the biggest customs seizure of cig-arettes and alcohol in Northern Ireland.
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