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this regards to seized mechanical equipment imported from Singapore. it has been over three weeks yet customs did not issue a seizure notice and have not given any reason for the seizure. pl inform within what time frame customs must issue a seizure notice?. How can we make an appeal against customs decision.


You should have rec'd a notice immediately; do you have a customs broker--that broker could check the status...
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ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Customs seizure of currency as part of compliance to Financial Action Task Force's (FATF) recommendations posted a growth of 208 per cent in FY 2018-19, the highest ever in the recent past, to reach Rs485 million against Rs157m in the corresponding period last year.
He added that against 2,778 Customs seizure reports in 2,016 and 3,069 in 2017, the authority issued only 2,329 reports in the first half of 2018, which reflects the growing success of the authority in foiling smuggling attempts .
Authorities, however, learned of the magnetic lifters in Cavite after the warehouse caretaker saw the report on the customs seizure and told police of what he suspected might have been the same modus.
The Culture Ministry said in a statement that the Customs seizure had allowed for an investigation to trace the antiquities and also unmask a smuggling ring operated between Egypt and Britain, but using France as a transit destination.
It is very important to note that customs seizure is only a temporary measure to hold the shipment and it needs to be followed by a court order.
Thus, this revision will also considerably streamline the customs seizure process.
Jin was said to be secretly working for Sun Kaisens, a Chinese company that developed telecommunications technology for the Chinese military, at the time of the customs seizure of the documents.
616, 634-35 (1886) (characterizing customs seizure as "quasi-criminal").
It subsequently emerged it had been stopped at the border in a customs seizure that prompted one of the biggest scandals in sporting history and besmirched a generation of cyclists.
Mr MacDonnell said, 'Behind every tax credit delivered, Customs seizure, person re-skilled and put into work is a team of front-line and back-line staff making it happen.
The snakes, brought to London Zoo as part of a Customs seizure from Egypt, were originally thought to be the spitting cobra Naja pallida.
A grisly exhibition of wildlife souvenirs greeted airport visitors yesterday after customs seizure figures showed that almost 8,000 wildlife items were confiscated in the UK last year.
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