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Cut out the flower shape, being careful to not cut across the fold.
Det Sgt Tony Gallagher of Byker and Walker CID said: "The victim suffered a three-inch cut across his hand which required medical treatment.
The belt is NMC when it's cut across more than 40 percent or almost half the width of the track.
Nearby, in Baka con punti laser (Baka with Laser Points), 1976/2005, a red laser beam cut across the length of a model of a Japanese missile.
We'll see more jobs created with a technology element that cut across aerospace, biotech, bio-med and film.
Many issues cut across more than one agency and their actions are not well coordinated.
LePatner, founding partner of LePatner & Associates, said, "While the survey revealed an overall industry consensus, the tabulated results followed a classic bell curve that cut across the occupational spectrum.
Working within a 600mm module that emphasizes the verticality of the facades, he has positioned windows of clear, coloured, and translucent glass to cut across the floor plate and blur the division between the two levels.
The book has five chapters on special issues--the role of infections in some cancers and chronic diseases, travel, immunocompromised persons, bioterrorism, behavioral and cultural as aspects of transmission and infection--which cut across disease categories, as well as a future-looking summary.
Some of the new boundaries followed geographic features like rivers and mountains, but many countries were given borders that cut across the desert.
That didn't sit well with a number of private colleges and universities, especially a handful of southern schools that banded together five years ago to try to form a new type of 529 plan that would cut across state borders.
The recent murders cut across the attempt by the daily newspaper, The Toronto Star, to denounce all such reporting as "racial profiling".