cut across

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8 : to move quickly or suddenly <The driver cut across two lanes of traffic.
Det Sgt Tony Gallagher of Byker and Walker CID said: "The victim suffered a three-inch cut across his hand which required medical treatment.
GAO has previously reported that GPRA, with its focus on strategic planning, the development of long-term goals, and accountability for results, provides a framework Congress, OMB, and executive branch agencies can use to consider the appropriate mix of long-term strategic goals and strategies needed to identify and address issues that cut across agency boundaries.
Some of the new boundaries followed geographic features like rivers and mountains, but many countries were given borders that cut across the desert.
That didn't sit well with a number of private colleges and universities, especially a handful of southern schools that banded together five years ago to try to form a new type of 529 plan that would cut across state borders.
The recent murders cut across the attempt by the daily newspaper, The Toronto Star, to denounce all such reporting as "racial profiling".
Since its operations cut across insurance, banking and investments, ING is continually challenged to get regulators and the financial community to assess it as a worldwide, unified operation, Maas said.
If we model critical thinking practices ourselves, if we emphasize solving problems with all relevant technologies, if we teach in ways that cut across disciplines, and if we develop programs and strategies that emphasize disciplined and self-aware thought, analysis, creativity, intellectual courage, and openness to ideas old and new, we can be genuinely effective in preparing our students for work and for life in the contemporary world.
Government statistics show that inequities in health care cut across multiple health and disease categories and affect a rainbow of minority populations.
Block associations cut across class and occupation, reconfiguring attachments among the townspeople.
Oceanographic Institution indicate that the motions are reflected on a much finer scale in the structure of fracture zones that cut across ocean basins, perpendicular to mid-oceanic ridges.