cut apart

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Rescuers had to cut apart the mangled and burned wreckage of the aircraft to pull people out.
Police and army are trying to cut apart the plane to rescue others.
They can be cut apart and used in blocks (Disney Princess Dreams, page 8), surrounded by pieced borders (Full House, page 27 or Over the River, page 36) or even pieced into an Attic Windows setting to give the illusion of looking at a city scape out a window (Moody Views, page 44).
But they were unconvincing for a half against Everton, were cut apart a few times by Liverpool before Sadio Mane's red card on Saturday and are still flawed.
Cut apart on the marked line to make 2 triangle-squares.
The molded rubber letters are cut apart using an environmentally friendly waterjet cutting system.
When he got back to his lab, he cut apart a few motors with a Dremel tool, stripped some wire, wound it into shape, and removed an insulating coating with fingernail polish remover.
Pouches are filled with the wetted towelettes, sealed, slit and cut apart to form individual pouches.
Panahian said Ayatollah Khomeini decades ago "taught us that these criminal extremists [such as the Islamic State] are no different for us than liberals; both are the blades of a pair of scissors trying to cut apart the middle path.
Combining the formaldehyde and double amine at around 50[degrees] C created a gel that, when cut apart and placed back together, reformed into a seamless whole.
Carlisle have leaked 13 goals in their first three games and it was clear the patience of their supporters was wearing thin as the home defence was cut apart by a rampant Sky Blues attack.