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TO CUT, crim. law. To wound with an instrument having a sharp edge. 1 Russ. on Cr. 577. Vide To Stab; Wound.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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| Aled Davies scores as Wales cut loose at the Millennium Stadium
Diego Costa took selfies with fans in the stands and continued to savour his freedom after being finally cut loose by Chelsea.
CUT LOOSE TV host Ruth prefers to show glassware to hubby Eamonn
Last week the Panthers edged the Titans 15-14 and having been buoyed by that performance they will see today's clash as a chance to cut loose.
Perhaps it is time to cut loose. Anyone for Nexit?" "I would love to play huge arenas across the world, sing our brilliantly bonkers pop songs and relive our former glory" - Former Spice Girl Mel C, who nevertheless would not be a part any reunion.
It was when they cut loose on the dance grooves that they worked best, with bangers like I Want To Love and Desire turning into big funky house numbers.
his good looking mother sprawled out the canoe waiting to be cut loose
Lyubov Orlova has been drifting in the Atlantic for months, after being cut loose off the coast of Canada.
YET another "troubled" YE Am" American has cut loose with a weapon and wiped out innocent bystanders.
I took out my knife and cut loose a cylinder and put it in my car," he told prosecutors.
Graders = its students, ragged = teased, mocked; raged = cut loose, danced on and on--rag, ragga and/or reggae.
And on songs such as the riotous rockabilly number "Cut Loose and Go," it all comes together with so much heat it seems as much an act of arson as it does music: dangerous and hot.