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The poignancy and heartbreaking descriptions of a mother whose child has been kidnapped cut to the quick.
We laugh, but it is laughter cut to the quick by the realization that each gag would have been better performed by the master.
REGARDING all the talk about the drivers who seem to be abusing the right of way over the High Level bridge, can we simply cut to the quick, bring one of these people into court, fine them pounds 5,000 and take their vehicle off them and I guarantee we will never again see an unauthorised vehicle crossing the bridge.
Thank goodness for London cab drivers - always cut to the quick.
For despite what we mums say we feel cut to the quick if our kids can't even be bothered to send a card.
While Coheed and Cambria's albums invite listeners to fall into an elaborate plot line about murder, betrayal and revenge in a futuristic society, the band's concerts cut to the quick - well, maybe not the quick, as Coheed and Cambria was prone to playing lengthy jams and exhaustive solos - with a selection of cherry- picked songs that worked well disconnected from the main story.