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Now more than ever, we expect retailers to compete for our custom with special deals like bogofs and cut-price promotions," she said.
Season-ticket sales have fallen by 13 per cent on last year and the company wants to encourage cut-price passengers on to later services.
Officers have received several reports this week from various organisations that have been approached by a door-to-door trader offering cut-price line painting on roads outside buildings or in car parks.
THE FA have been forced to agree a cut-price pounds 7million deal for a 12-month contract extension with E.
Punch blames the smoking ban, rising beer duty, cut-price competition from supermarkets and a plunge in consumer spending for their problems.
Thousands of shoppers created chaos as they turned out before dawn in search of cut-price goods.
Sainsbury has hit back at Asda's launch of an online cut-price entertainment portal, with a VAT-free offer available in-store on CDs, DVDs and games.
The cut-price offers advertised here and there tend to be more restricted than they look, and sometimes not quite as cheap.
ARSENAL'S Arsene Wenger is eyeing a bargain deal for former Gunner Matt Upson - but is only willing to pay a cut-price pounds 500,000.
Coventry City today offered a cut-price season ticket bargain - to include a seat for the League Cup Semi-fins against West Ham.
One onlooker said: "This was bound to happen when a cut-price supermarket started selling cut-price wetsuits.
New figures yesterday showed a million more people 19,000 a week were attracted by the cheap fares and new services offered by the cut-price carriers.