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Although some authors describe the infiltrates of primary cutaneous acral [CD8.
4 This work was an attempt to study the prevalence and patterns of cutaneous manifestations among diabetic patients and their association with duration of DM and help to detect and prevent the related systemic complications of diabetes by early institution of appropriate treatment.
Nevus lipomatosus cutaneous superficialis: poses a wholistic health problem: a case report.
There is less data available regarding the frequency of cutaneous granulomas in Pakistan although it is a common type of chronic inflammation in the form of tuberculous granulomas.
Cutaneous metastases of malignant melanoma: A clinicopathologic study of 192 cases with emphasis on the morphologic spectrum.
Cutaneous leishmaniasis lesions may develop in all parts of the body, but the most likely sites are the exposed areas (6).
The cutaneous metastases were often detected after initial diagnosis of the primary cancer and occurred as a late event in the course of disease.
According to the Lebanese Ministry of Health, during 2000-2012, only 6 cutaneous leishmaniasis cases were reported in Lebanon.
Keywords: Cutaneous Leishmaniasis, Efficacy, Meglumine antimoniate, Oral zinc sulphate.
In contrast, the rates of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma were significantly higher among patients treated with either dabrafenib or vemurafenib alone (26% and 36%, respectively), as was the incidence of Grover disease (43% and 39%) and verrucal keratosis (66% and 72%).
Scar sarcoidosis is a rare form of cutaneous sarcoidosis developing on previous cutaneous scars.
states based on cutaneous melanoma in response to atmospheric UV levels; 2) to determine the fraction (UVA, UVB, erythemal UV [UVery], or UV vitamin D [UV-VitD]) that was better associated with cutaneous melanoma; and 3) to analyze the spatial trends of the indicator.