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In other cutback news, the newspaper formerly known as Women's Wear Daily said earlier this month that it would curtail print publication of WWD to once a week but continue to update its web site, WWD.
The challenge is to manufacture a cutback reliably and maximize adhesion between the factory-applied pipe coating and the thermal insulation field joint coating system to be applied either on land in a "spoolbase" or offshore on a vessel.
I've just re-read my work And realised that I've Got six verses to this poem Instead of the cutback five
This will force HRI to make further cutbacks, with Kavanagh reluctant to speculate as to what would be worst effected.
Every time we get hit with new cutbacks, it's like closing another lane on the water supply freeway.
will suspend operations at the two factories simultaneously because of production cutbacks, it said.
activity at Nyankanga pit includes regaining access to cutback 4 by cleaning up
The cutbacks in what's considered to be station overhead won't affect the team-hired broadcasters or the sports news units that produce the pregame shows or handle the daily sportscasts on KCAL or KCBS-Channel 2.
The airline has failed to obtain added cutbacks from the Canadian Auto Workers union, which represents 5,900 customer service employees.
Part of the cutbacks include eliminating 19 jobs, including the staff at the bishop's residence, and closing the diocese's youth center.
If on flow away, there is a possibility of a cutback (A or B Point), we teach a "Physical Check.
Under its initial cutback accord announced in December, the OECD members planned to reduce their output capacity by about 100 million tons a year by 2010.