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In other cutback news, the newspaper formerly known as Women's Wear Daily said earlier this month that it would curtail print publication of WWD to once a week but continue to update its web site, WWD.
If just a fraction of this money was available to some of the services crippled by cutbacks, then the country would be in a far better position.
Jumper said he could not speak about the prospects for any particular base to survive the cutbacks, but of Edwards he said: ``What's going on here is extremely important.
The survey also demonstrates that cutbacks can have a positive impact on profitability over time -- more than half of firms that have downsized since 1989 reported that operating profits increased after the cuts, with the greatest benefit realized by companies that have downsized on an ongoing basis.
We need to put a face on what these draconian cuts may be,'' said Board of Supervisors Chairman Don Knabe, who said it would be unfair for the state to put some of the proceeds from Proposition 57 in a reserve fund while cities and counties face dramatic cutbacks.
With EUR4billion in cutbacks and extra taxes on the table, it's inevitable.
We know cutbacks and sacrifices will have to be made, but to surrender the education of our children is just a step too far.
The real tragedy is that a concerted effort of in-your-face policing was bearing fruit, before this recent round of cutbacks.
THE Coalition is ripping itself apart over the latest crippling Budget cutbacks.
The cutbacks are being made by Cameron, Clegg and Osborne as, once again, they are off another long holiday and are living a life of Riley at the taxpayers' expense.
In 2006, Dana could be challenged to reverse negative cash flow from operations due to continuing margin erosion, persistently higher commodity costs, and potential production cutbacks at major suppliers.
In an analysis released last month, "After the Cold War," OTA points out that the cutbacks may not affect states equally or occur evenly over time.