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TO CUT, crim. law. To wound with an instrument having a sharp edge. 1 Russ. on Cr. 577. Vide To Stab; Wound.

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New Delhi, February 23 (ANI): Political leaders cutting across party lines congratulated the team of Slumdog Millionaire for its resounding success at the Oscars Awards ceremony.
New radar images of Saturn's smog-shrouded moon Titan show signs of a shoreline cutting across the moon's southern hemisphere.
He applies this to contraception, "The practice is so widespread that it involves 90% of married couples at some point in their marriage, cutting across all denominational lines.
James Bryan has chosen some of the world's most enduring and endearing classical melodies, cutting across a broad gamut of genres including symphonic works, concerti, sonatas, operas, ballets, oratorios, string quartets, familiar songs and some early music added for good measure.