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At least 200 trees had been felled much to the chagrin of parents who had okayed the cutting down of only five trees to put up a digital learning centre for the government's laptop programme.
While calling for actions to end cutting down of trees, Chief Ogbeh said the country is also faced with getting the right seeds to withstand heat and drought if the desert finally encroaches.
How to cut back on sugar Cutting down on sugar is pretty easy if you think about it.
She said that after such appeal to these structures, ministry experts study the state of the tree and decide on its cutting down or transplanting, if it represents a danger to the life or property of a citizen.
However, the actor drew both praise and criticism after he was seen 'cutting down' trees.
Ms Womack said: "It is ironic that, while needing an air quality strategy, the council is cutting down all these trees."
Wong said that he had met with the officials from the Ipoh City Council to stop the process of cutting down the tree.
figure By WAIKWA MAINA Mau Mau veterans and Ol Kalou town traders on Friday stopped a contractor from cutting down a tree in Ol Kalou town to pave way for a county beautification project.
In yet another example of greed and short-sightedness, Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) Vice-Chancellor Dr Mujeebuddin Sahrai, through a "Tree Auction Committee" allowed the cutting down of fifty healthy trees only to raise money for the university to the tune of a measly Rs250,000.
They have alleged the government for insulting Muslim religion and culture by cutting down holiday during the Muslim festivals.
In light of the news that Newcastle holds the dubious distinction of cutting down more trees than any other council in England (and this must exclude the several hundred trees cut down by the Freemen of Newcastle on Nuns Moor South and Grandstand Road), would it not have been better to have planted three or four real trees in Haymarket?