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A formal or legal written document; a document in writing, such as a deed, lease, bond, contract, or will. A writing that serves as evidence of an individual's right to collect money, such as a check.

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n. 1) a written legal document such as a contract, lease, deed, will or bond. 2) an object used to perform some task or action, ranging from a surgeon's scalpel to any hard thing used in an assault (a blunt instrument).

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a written legal document. See also NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT.
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INSTRUMENT, contracts. The writing which contains some agreement, and is so called because it has been prepared as a memorial of what has taken place or been agreed upon. The agreement and the instrument in which it is contained are very different things, the latter being only evidence of the existence of the former. The instrument or form of the contract may be valid, but the contract itself may be void on account of fraud. Vide Ayl. Parerg. 305; Dunl. Ad. Pr. 220.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The controlled, efficient, autoclavable electric motor and handpiece combinations are today the standard cutting instruments in endodontics, implant surgery, and periodontal surgery.
By weapon type, personal weapons, such as hands, fists, and feet, were used in 26.9 percent of the aggravated assaults, firearms in 19.1 percent, and knives or other cutting instruments in 18.2 percent.
* CNC Grinding (Drills, Taps, Reamers, Hip Rasps and various other cutting instruments)
The Ultravision[TM] Trocar device from Alesi Surgical Technologies uses a low-energy electrostatic charge to eliminate the surgical smoke generated by cutting instruments during laparoscopic surgery.
For example, in 1962, the Knoop hardness values for stainless steel files reported by Craig and Peyton ranged from 525-565.10 In 1996, Brockhurst and Denholm reported significant differences in microhardness between endodontic files from two different manufacturers.8 In their study, the Vickers hardness range was from 400 to 651 VHN, falling below the hardness required for cutting instruments (550-650 VHN).
Nail cutting instruments, too, should be made of steel and disinfected and sterilised before being used on clients.
50 consecutive patients undergoing endoscopic sinus surgery for sinonasal polyposis formed the study population, of these 26 were operated by using microdebrider (M) (Group 1) and 24 by standard technique (S) (Group 2) using cutting instruments as described by Kennedy and Messerklinger.
Among the victims of the police shootings, 564 were armed with a gun, 281 armed with less threatening weapons such as knives, toy weapons or cutting instruments, but 90 were unarmed, according to the Washington Post report.
2) Remove orthodontic adhesive from teeth, supragingivally, after removing brackets with non-tissue cutting instruments
No reports were obtained of men who have sex with men, unusual exposure to medical injections, other use of needles, scarification, cutting instruments, or practices leading to nonsexual blood or body fluid exposure.
The exclusive license enables Dyno to sell a portfolio of sewing products, including cutting instruments, fasteners, needles, thread and a wide variety of other sewing related notions and accessories from Singer.
"They also found a work area set up in the bathroom, with saws, a boning knife and other cutting instruments," added Flaherty.