cutting words

See: diatribe
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She saved some cutting words for Ed Balls' barn dance outfit, adding: "He was dressed like a toddler going to a farmyard party.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Fitting And Fixing Of High Intensity Grade Retro- Reflective Sheet Of Color Yellow Including Cutting Words.
Painting, carving, and cutting words out in different materials, from felt to Bakelite to photographic paper, he explored the subversion of meaning and exposed the aporias of language through works that generate an ambiguity between reading and seeing.
The cutting words spoken by the second highest official of the republic were served in the vernacular clearly meant for the "masa" (common folk).
Aquino came out swinging with some cutting words of his own, short of calling him an ingrate.
But let's be grateful that Mellor's cutting words weren't even worse.
Sasha could see him cutting words out of her book, even though he was as small as a pencil.
You can be the master of cutting words if you so choose but you can also be the most supportive in difficult circumstances.
Really, it's no more difficult than cutting words you don't want from a text document.
No doubt Mr Cameron will have some cutting words for his rival at Prime Minister's Questions.
With help from that professor, whom he refers to as an angel, and his mother, whose cutting words gave him a much-needed kick in the pants, Pitts graduated in four years with a bachelor's degree in journalism with a minor in political science.