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BitTorrent (6) and cyberlockers (7) make even large digital files--such as high-definition feature films--relatively easy to find and transmit across the Internet.
BayTSP monitors digital content worldwide across all major Internet protocols, including peer-to-peer networks, cyberlockers, live streaming video and user generated content sites.
Apart from popular torrent websites linking websites and cyberlockers are also included in the list.
com's online dashboard has been an industry-leading tool for over 1,000 rights holders in film, music and publishing industries globally since 2009, automatically searching and removing illegal files from many hundreds of cyberlockers, torrents and UGC destinations across millions of web pages.
The service integrates BayTSP's Content Authentication Platform with NTT's Robust Media Search technology to scan user-generated content (UGC) sites, peer-to-peer (P2P) networks and cyberlockers worldwide and deliver real-time metrics that can be used by content owners, distributors and advertisers to deliver context-sensitive advertising based on what appears in the video, instead of relying on keywords or file names.