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One is released from the cycle of rebirth by loosening the bonds of karma, with actionless action, so to speak, as taught in the Upanishads and in the Bhagavad-Gita.
Grasping of the ultimate reality that can untie one from the cycle of rebirth is contingent upon the unification of insight and quiescence.
Accessing cosmic order through personal development, they perfected the soul for its ultimate release from the cycle of rebirth.
Buddhas (fully enlightened beings) and arhats (liberated beings) are free from the cycle of rebirth, but do not control the destinies of others.
With each generation, immigrant and native-born Americans have come together, shoulder-to-shoulder, to propel our ongoing cycle of rebirth and renewal.
Madhuchakha Vashanj, a priest, said that the royal bath is an age-old tradition and it is believed that it washes away all sins and cycle of rebirth ends.