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(11) Moksha, or liberation from the cycle of rebirth, is the ultimate goal of human life in Hindu teaching Hinduism teaches four central goals of human life, including dharma (dutiful action), artha (well-being or prosperity), kama (sensual pleasure), and moksha (release from samsara).
Grasping of the ultimate reality that can untie one from the cycle of rebirth is contingent upon the unification of insight and quiescence.
The degree to which they express grief reveals each being's level of ignorance, showing that they do not understand that Shakyamuni is in fact about to achieve his ultimate goal of entering nirvana and achieving release from the painful cycle of rebirth. Only the enlightened bodhisattvas, Buddhist savior figures, remain serene.
Nirvana is the release that stops the endless cycle of rebirth, death, and reincarnation in which some Eastern religions believe.
Accessing cosmic order through personal development, they perfected the soul for its ultimate release from the cycle of rebirth. In the hands of Orpheus, the same magical music could constrain wild nature to divine will.
Buddhas (fully enlightened beings) and arhats (liberated beings) are free from the cycle of rebirth, but do not control the destinies of others.
Madhuchakha Vashanj, a priest, said that the royal bath is an age-old tradition and it is believed that it washes away all sins and cycle of rebirth ends.