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The results of this study demonstrate that both new and current cage glenoid designs maintain fixation when tested according to each of the three different cyclic loading scenarios, with no difference in post-cyclic displacement observed between designs.
There are four different approaches to model the cyclic behavior of beam-column connections; a.
A smaller proportion of women in the continuous regimen group than in the cyclic group reported backache at six months (39% vs.
This experimental program involved three series of cyclic tests and a short-term relaxation test conducted at room temperature.
5 Hz to avoid heating of the specimens during cyclic loading, and strain ratio R = -1, with application of load with sinusoidal wave.
The experimental programme used in this study primarily involved sand mineralogical and grain characterisation, characterising the CSL and consolidated undrained cyclic triaxial testing of specimens prepared using Cabo Rojo calcareous sands and Ottawa silica sands.
Acquired cyclic thrombocytopenia-thrombocytosis with periodic defect of platelet function.
tuberculosis actively traffics cyclic AMP into the cells and that "this really does affect the outcome of infections," says Kathleen McDonough, a microbiologist at the State University of New York at Albany.
Several studies were conducted on the performance of wood or wood-based material assemblies under cyclic or fatigue tests using different test protocols.
Of the 217 patients, 69 received no therapy, 75 got cyclic oral contraceptives, and 73 received continuous oral contraceptives.
Avoid causing extra work by steering your feet clear of the cyclic stick.