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Section I reviews previous research on cyclical fluctuations in labor force participation.
Just as the researchers expected, people in the cyclical mindset group were able to save more, at least in part, because they developed more concrete plans and were less optimistic about future money-making in comparison to their linear-thinking counterparts.
Particularly, we look at the cyclical properties of monetary policy and fiscal policy.
This finding is taken as evidence that structural factors are not a substantial contributor to current unemployment; in other words, the authors contend that current unemployment is mostly cyclical in nature.
Informa suffered during the global recession, due to the cyclical nature of its businesses and the high level of debt on its balance sheet.
More specifically, it appears that cyclical changes in the government budget may be separated into a "revenue effect" and an "expenditure effect".
Japan has seen eight cyclical bear markets as defined by "more than a 20 percent correction" since 1950, but four of these were during the secular bear market of the Heisei Depression.
However, Paul Hanagan soon had Cyclical back on terms and having sent him to the front over a furlong out, the market leader was not hard pressed to hold Howards Princess.
economy, but which has yet to become established, is the overdue cyclical decline in the price of petroleum products.
While fiscal adjustment has been counter-cyclical for extensive periods in the OECD area, notably from 1993 to 2000, it has also acted somewhat pro-cyclically in some cases, as evidenced by the periods when cyclically-adjusted budget positions were moving in opposite direction to the cyclical component of the budget balance.
Renewal curves (along with the supporting data) are extremely important because they quickly illustrate the ongoing cyclical cost of capital renewal, are highly accurate yet inexpensive to create, provide the necessary information to allow for multi-year planning, are credible with senior officers, and provide consistent and comparable results across institutions.