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Counter cyclical policy indicates that in boom, interest rate is increased whereas it is reduced in recession.
It contains gamma linolenic acid, which has been found to be low in some women with cyclical mastalgia.
In Letter Ruling (TAM) 9618004, the IRS concluded that taxpayers must capitalize the costs of major cyclical inspections of aircraft engines.
While cyclical economic indicators may have a long-term trend component, they certainly have a cyclical component and an irregular component, i.
Investors believe in the bull story, and they're looking for growth at a reasonable price, and for the time being, they can find it in cyclical issues.
Therefore, cyclical output fluctuations may not always be demand driven.
For the most recent cycle, the peak designated by NBER was in July 1990, and the ICI peak was in June 1990; NBER has not yet designated the trough, but the ICI shows an apparent cyclical low in January 1992.
At a minimum, for a cyclical approach to be acceptable, each program should be covered once every three years.
Hedge-fund manager relocates to Philadelphia to join Turner's Cyclical Team
Contract notice: contract for repairs and reactive maintenance of heating systems, repairs and cyclical maintenance of gas installations and repairs and reactive cyclical maintenance of smoke and co2 detectors.
THE current working assumption is that Japan's economy is about to peak, and that a cyclical downturn will begin forming in 2005--even before the Bank of Japan (BOJ) has become confident enough to abandon the zero interest rate policy it has had in place since the third quarter of 2000.
The study showed that during the twin downturns of the mid-1970s, 49 percent of job losses were cyclical, temporary job losses that would bounce back when the business cycle turned upwards, while 51 percent of the job losses were structural, permanent job losses, jobs that either no longer exist or won't exist in this country.