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Throughout the sample, the cyclically adjusted series is very close to the actual series, but oscillates around the trend.
We consider four OECD measures of a country's fiscal position: (i) net lending as a share of GDP; (ii) primary balance as a share of GDP; (iii) cyclically adjusted net lending as a share of potential GDP; and (iv) cyclically adjusted primary balance as a share of potential GDP.
We say that G is cyclically k-edge-connected if it has not c-cutset of cardinality smaller than k.
"Equities represent better much value than fixed income in our view and also compared to their long-term ratings based on cyclically adjusted P/Es.
Generation of candidates in time domain includes computing the product of circular convolution of the OFDM data and IFFT of optimized cyclically shifted phase sequences (OCSPS) (Lu et al., 2007).
Strain and stress change during the exploitation depend on material type (cyclically hardening, softening or stable), therefore we must know the material type that is chosen for the structures under low cycle loading.
This alternating pressure mechanism accomplishes the goal of pressure management by cyclically redistributing pressure and preventing skin breakdown while providing a stable environment for the surgical intervention.
"With the acquisition of Cognis, we are strengthening our portfolio with cyclically robust and profitable businesses and further expanding our position as the world's leading chemical company," said Dr.
ways to improve the measure of the cyclically adjusted budget balance; and 3.
"Due to the cyclically special nature in the revenue and payments during the first couple of months of the year, payments exceeded revenue during the first two months of this year," commented Tallinn's press service Raepress.
If joblessness is caused by periodic change in the economic climate, then the victims are cyclically unemployed.
Hans Straberg, president and CEO of Electrolux, said that the company's performance had been boosted by a strong product offering, stable prices and significant cost reductions, together with cyclically low raw-material prices.