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Favorable earnings and outlooks from chemical giant DuPont and Alcoa sparked bargain hunting in the cyclical sector, which had been suffering in recent sessions due to worries over low commodity prices.
This forecast is more favorable for the earnings of growth stocks than for the earnings recovery of basic cyclical industries," Lewis said.
Cyclical stocks have not enjoyed much of the market's resurgence, and Richard Moroney says that investors should look toward profit growers.
The improving economy has sent a charge through cyclical stocks, and it can do the same for your portfolio with Paul Tracy's extensive analysis and stock profiles.
If this trend holds in the weeks ahead, that would suggest at a market that favors to a measurable degree "comfort" cyclicals in familiar industries over tech issues.
International Paper (NYSE:IP) remains entirely dependent on cyclical markets, including paper, packaging, and forest products.
The record surge of cyclicals in the last couple of weeks - the most ferocious two-week move of these stocks in my memory (investing for 30 years) is partly because investors anticipate better times," said Kobrick.
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