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Swift, by contrast, distinguishes between the Cyclopean cannibalism proposed by his psychotic persona and the Cronus-like devouring of Ireland by England, an act which is potentially reversible.
By an ironic gesture of fate, the Cyclopean deus ex machina figure saving Bloom from the fury of the citizen is Martin Cunningham, who earlier in the episode functions as the dubious voice of authority sustaining Bloom's abject othering by the barflies.
In bringing this carnival poetics to bear on Ellison's Invisible Man, Harris selects moments in which a number of "carnival twinships" surface dramatically in deep agonistic play: the constant face-to-face encounters between the Cyclopean monster-mask and the Anancy [African] death-mask; or, to cite another instance, the deep attractions between "carnival muses" (the naked blonde woman in the battle royal scene; Matty Lou, Trueblood's incestuous, impregnated daughter; or the blues mother, Mary Rambo) and the "repetitively," yet "cyclically reawakening," dying god (Invisible Man, Mr.
Niches, altars, tabernacles, granite bowls, marble urns, tombstones, smooth and carved, columns, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite, caryatids, friezes, acanthuses, entablatures and pediments, false vaults, real vaults, as well as stretches of brick wall, the gables of Cyclopean walls, lancet windows, rose windows, gargoyles, oriel windows, tympanums, pinnacles, paving stones, flying buttresses, pillars, pilasters, recumbent statues representing men in helmet, sword and armour, capitals with and without ornamentation, pomegranates, lilies, immortelles, campaniles, cupolas.
They would suggest a poor and probably little organized - both socially and economically - community, a community that had little access to, or ability to exploit, any economic surplus, This seems especially so in light of the fact that we have traces of substantial works in such perishable materials, which have some chance of being Mauryan - the cyclopean city-wall of Rajagrha and the curious elliptical structures there; the "stupendous timber palisade" at Pataliputra and the massive teak wood platforms there; or the hypostyle hall found at Kumhrar - but none of these are Buddhist, all appear to have been produced by ruling powers.
Scholars must go back to their trenches and understand first the boring old bricks and pottery shards before they dig further into the cyclopean works of "the Grecian Wagner.
Like an unblinking Cyclopean eye, Jupiter's Great Red Spot has stared back at astronomers for more than three centuries.
But in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed person rules, and in the absence of standards set by the accrediting associations or some other group, the cyclopean vision of the magazine surveys will have to do.
While the Cyclopean eye of the bulb recalls a Surrealist disordering of anatomical and gendered categories--eye, egg, penis, navel, breast, anus, vagina--the strongest impression given is that of woman equipped with a military flail between her legs.
The Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Culture & Tourism Shri Shripad Yesso Naik has said that Cyclopean Walls in Rajgir are an important tourist destination and are maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).
11; or 'it cannot be excluded that there were single settlements and first and foremost cyclopean fortresses too' on p.
His occasional influence on Lutyens is dear, while it can even be traced in the work of the New Brutalists--in parts of London's Barbican, for instance--with their enthusiasm for the cyclopean and the Sublime.