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It was interesting to hear how a couple of people who cover Congress for a living perceived the cynicism question.
They found cynicism is more prevalent in blue-than in white-collar ranks.
At a time when governmental and institutional leaders unapologetically evaluate postsecondary education through neo-liberal rhetoric of efficiency and economic accountability, a certain amount of cynicism in the academy may be understandable.
Cynicism was reduced, however, in workplaces with "transformational" leaders, people who helped employees see themselves as valuable and competent, and who successfully communicated their ideas about why change was necessary and desirable for everybody.
K Lambah, on Friday said the sense of cynicism about dialogue with Pakistan is understandable " especially when those responsible for 26/ 11 roam freely".
There's a cynicism out there, Cynicism is winning over idealism right now" - Actor George Clooney "You stand a better chance of earnest representation if you are a hedgehog than if you are a persecuted Christian" Former Tory Minister Ann Widdecombe, above, accuses the Prime Minister of not being tough on foreign governments which persecute Christians "You should not change history in order to titillate" Actor Edward Fox, who did not attend the premiere of W.
THE corrosive cynicism that we feel for politicians begins with Tony Blair.
Schreier (English and Jewish Studies, University of Pennsylvania) suggests that cynicism cannot be equated with quietism, nihilism, selfishness, or false consciousness.
Subsuming all of the above and worst of all is the cynicism pervading our atheistic ruling classes and our institutions.
The UBS banker added that there is a new level of cynicism in Europe about U.
Inevitably there are some who are retreating into a cynicism - why did the Labour administration think we could afford a world class library in the first place?